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June 23 2017

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Her name is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland. Her family disowned her for her activism. After her first arrest, she was tested for mental illness, because Virginia law enforcement couldn’t think of any other reason why a white Virginian girl would want to fight for civil rights.

She also created the Joan Trumpauer Mullholland Foundation. Most recently, she was interviewed on Samatha Bee’s Full Frontal on February 15 for their segment on Black History Month.
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Harika Kanatlar

Quality content.

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Madam Moll, Gangster from The Late 20’s with her M1928 Thompson in front of a bank safe she just robbed…

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Lubię piękne głosy i smutne dźwięki.. to mnie najbardziej pociąga w muzyce.
— Katarzyna Nosowska
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